About Us

Globe exploration is a thought process.

Globe exploration is a concept which came to our mind when GlobeExploration visited Scotland. GlobeExploration had search google for everything including ATM, flights, trains, restaurants, recreation centre, places to visit etc.

The concept came, and GlobeExploration concluded to create apps with the data Google provides in a single app, which is convenient for people visiting any city and people staying in that particular city.

So taking the initiative, GlobeExploration has published more than 800 apps of different cities of the world which has two criteria, first is all capital cities and second is cities which have a population of more than half a million and more.

After Publishing all apps, GlobeExploration created a whole automated website with similar cities which are published on play store on a responsive website where GlobeExploration have created more than 10s of thousands of pages for all the cities

Our current project GlobeExploration are working on is on the project on IOS, but as GlobeExploration all know IOS its issues, they understand the concept but are not able to publish in a similar way which Android allowed us. So GlobeExploration is in the process of creating each unique design for each city.

Globe exploration also would be adding city-wise a module of Travel girls in the existing apps, which are city-wise girls visiting from the city or travelling to the city.

Globe Exploration Team.